Official GTA Online Crew


Strength, Respect, Loyalty...

'Ever since I joined this crew, I've been leveling up like crazy! If I could rate this crew, I'd give it five stars.'


- axephoenix2860

The Benefits of Joining Us

30% RP Boost!

Boost your earned reputation points by 30% when playing with a Crew in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Power Level!

Build your skills and power level with high level players. Most of our members are level 100+ and run high level missions daily to level their characters even higher.

Earn Tons of Money!

Earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per day running missions with the highest payout and RP with highest leveled players in the crew!


We're on all the time! Be part of a family who takes the game serious. Make new friends, earn free roam protection against griefers, and feel confident that you're a part of a powerful crew!